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Brian Seymour is a UK-based semi-abstract impressionist artist, his projects

and pieces reflect the love and passion for being amongst nature and the busy world.

Brian's creativity started at a young age with oil paints, from painting his Idols to understanding and capturing paintings from some of the Masters' work. In his adult life, he then discovered the beauty of watercolour, on which he started his professional career.


Brian then turned back to his original Passion of Oils and Acrylics. He loves to experiment with new techniques which capture the energy, and light of the work.

As you can see from his signature sunsets to his dramatic and famous cityscapes.

Brian also takes his creativity on using certain tools for his pieces, from palette knives to handmade brushes and household rollers on canvas, boards and mixed media.

Brian's work will take you on a journey of imagination with energy, light and passion. You can fall back and get lost, within his vision.

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